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Up Your Arsenal - Top 10 Videogame Weapons

5 August 2011 Mr ARC

It is fitting that I name this article after the PlayStation 2 Ratchet and Clank game, since developer Insomniac games makes two appearances on my list of Top 10 videogame weapons. In fact, it was when progressing through my second play through of Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time that I began to think (whilst turning enemies into toy monkeys and opening inter-dimensional portals) that throughout my gaming history I have had the pleasure of some pretty awesome weaponry. So, without further ado here is my countdown of the best arsenal that has come to grace my gaming pad:

Resistance 2 has some interesting weapons. Whilst at first glance they appear similar to what you’d find in any other sci-fi shooter (riffle, machine gun, pistol), it’s the secondary functions that offer a more exciting way to dispatch enemies.


The best example of this has to be the HE .44 Magnum. Whilst appearing like your everyday sidearm, the clue to its unique properties can be found in its name, specifically the High Explosive part. 

he-.44-magnum BFG9000

The abbreviation of BFG has been called many different names in the Doom universe. Big Fragging Gun, Bio Force Gun – but we all know what it really stands for and it sums it up elegantly.


Point this beast towards the battle field and you have yourself a game changer. Why is it a game changer? Well it makes anything in its immediate vicinity die, quickly. It’s a plasma weapon that relies on energy cells, and is often regarded as one of the earliest examples of a ‘super weapon’.

Saying the FarSight was a nightmare to use is an understatement. Its main function relied on tracking players through the wall, whilst scoped. As you can imagine this involved a frantic amount of controller manipulation (bearing in mind this was the N64 controller which did not make life easy) in order to get that killer shot. In addition to this, whilst scoped you were left completely vulnerable to enemies approaching meaning that timing of use was key.


So the FarSight was flawed, but this almost certainly was to ensure the gun was balanced. It seemed like a glimpse into the future of gaming.


Shooting through walls was a cool idea, and felt like nothing else available at the time. The risk/reward factor of being difficult to use coupled with the one-hit kill divided gamers but if you spent the time getting used to its X-ray sight then not only would you look badass, but feel it too.


The gun also looked unconventionally cool with its organic body and distinct alien look. Rare certainly used a lot of imagination when designing the FarSight and it still remains as one of the most unique weapon designs I have seen.

When this baby is in full flow munching through its humongous ammo capacity it is hard to even see what it’s firing or if you are hitting what’s in front of you. The only clue: the alarming rate your enemy’s health bar is depleting.


The pièce de résistance of the RYNO V comes in the form of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture, which can be heard when the gun gets into full-swing. Divine.  


The Combat Evolved magnum doesn’t rely on any special secondary functions or otherworldly gimmicks, what you see is what you get – a really high powered pistol that is perfect for popping Grunts heads.


Despite clearly being intended as a secondary weapon to the game’s main assault riffle, the stopping power and accuracy made it the choice for most players and the go-to weapon for those pursuing Halo’s Legendary difficulty.

This gun is serious business, it packs a punch and even supports a mid-range scope (what pistol has a scope!?) for dispatching those long-range headshots. Mix this gun with the Plasma Pistol and you have yourself a two-shot kill combo to use on the Covenant.


Fans of the Halo universe have clambered for the magnum’s return since Halo 2, and to date have not had their wishes come true. This however is about to change with the release of Halo: Anniversary, a full-fledged next-gen remake of the original (and arguably best) Halo.

5: The Magnet Gun (Red Faction: Armageddon)

magnet gun

Red Faction: Armageddon felt like a step backwards for the franchise with its linear level structure and almost completely subterranean setting, which is even more of a shame since the franchise has now been disbanded by THQ due to poor sales. Despite this, what Red Faction does best is give you the tools to create maximum carnage thanks to its comprehensive destruction physics and interesting weaponry.


The Magnet Gun isn’t a gun in the traditional sense, if you shot someone with its magnetic rounds it will do next to nothing.

Fire your round on a building however and you’ll get to see what it’s all about as the structure is torn from its foundations and slammed into your unsuspected victim you then tag with a second round. It is death as an art-form, the Jackson Pollock of weapons as you crush enemies under tons of concrete.  


The gun works both ways as you can also tag an enemy then a surface, sending them flying across the room and into the many stalic mites and lava pools. Sure you have to use a bit of creativity to take down your foes, but who doesn’t enjoy splicing pipes, concrete walls and even buildings with alien flesh?


10: HE .44 Magnum (Resistance 2)

Fire a single bullet into a Chimera foe and it might make them pause for a second. Flick the secondary function switch and BOOM. Guaranteed to turn your nasty alien friend to red mist and put a satisfactory smile on your face.


The gun has often been described as overpowered compared to the other weaponry on offer, and I’ll have to agree. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing so long as you avoid being on its receiving end.

9: BFG 9000 (Doom)

Perhaps a predictable entry to my list, but one that sticks in your mind as being a stand-out experience in early FPS gaming. The BFG 9000 no doubt paved the way for some of the beauties you find in the later console generations and is a ‘classic’ by today’s standards.

8: FarSight XR-20 (Perfect Dark)

7: RYNO V (Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time)

Assembly of the RYNO V is an on-going saga in A Crack in Time thanks to the need to find ten Holo Plans across the Omniverse. In fact, most players will complete the game without even meeting the gun.


For those who persevere in finding its plans are rewarded with a behemoth of a weapon. The gun, straight from the Rip Ya a New One line of weapons, is almost the size of Ratchet and fires an absolute mess of ballistics including minigun rounds and varying size rockets.

6: M6D Magnum Pistol (Halo: Combat Evolved)