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5 August 2011 Mr ARC

Pull the trigger again and it will be launched towards anything careless enough to get in its way. If the Gravity Gun was included in most other games it wouldn’t have worked, but in the world crafted by Valve thanks to the real-world physics you can manipulate objects much in the way that you’d expect the Gravity Gun to work in real life.


Thanks to a number of key environmental hazards you can fire a broad range of objects at enemies from toilets and fence panels, to exploding barrels and circular saw blades. You feel like a kid when wielding this marvel of science, and when you reach a certain part of the Half-Life 2 campaign it even gets supercharged allowing enemies to literally be plucked off their feet and flung like rag dolls. It really is a testament to the fantastic physics engine Half-Life 2 possesses but make sure you remember as you’re crushing enemies beneath cars; it’s not a toy…

But let’s not kid around, you may come for the riffle but you’ll stay for the chainsaw. In a game based around camping behind cover, the chainsaw is the perfect insult to someone who has not been watching their back. Fire it up near an enemy and watch as you split them into two neat halves behind the blood splatters covering your screen. It’s the ultimate bragging rights, and features predominantly in versus matches online. One of the most satisfying experiences you can have is shredding some poor victim online, knowing they cannot do anything other than watch as you turn them to minced meat whilst cheering down the microphone.

cerebral bore gravitygun-halflife2

I toyed with the idea of including Half-Life’s Crowbar in the list since it is without doubt the iconic weapon for Gordan Freeman, but in the end I had to go with the Gravity Gun.


The Gravity Gun, much like Red Faction’s Magnet Gun, is more of a tool for killing than a weapon itself. The primary trigger launches a small burst of energy knocking objects and clearing paths, but it’s the secondary function that players will use most. Squeezing this trigger will manipulate the gravity around an object and suspend it in the air in-front of you.

fatman gears lancer

So the best videogame weapon in my eyes has to go to Gears of War’s Lancer. The gun defines the franchise, an oversized assault riffle with the subtlety of a brick to the face thanks to the chainsaw attachment on its underbelly. It sits wonderfully next to the steroid filled soldiers of the COG army and is an instantly recognisable badge for the franchise.


Whilst the chainsaw is bound to catch most prospective buyer’s eyes, the assault riffle component should not be discounted. It’s hearty, reliable and packs a mean punch. Pump enough rounds into a Locust soldier and parts of his body will start to disappear. It also works wonderfully with the game’s cover mechanic, providing a heavy amount of suppressive fire whilst your team mates attempt to flank the enemy.


Up Your Arsenal - Top 10 Videogame Weapons

Firing the gun involved a small pause as it locked-on, but once it fired you knew there was no escaping. I remember playing this on the N64 with a number of cheats/glitches that meant you could continuously pump multiple bores into a single enemy’s head. Nice.


If you want to take a piece of your enemy’s mind with you and have always wondered “What would it be like to preform brain surgery with the high-tech equivalent of a corkscrew?” then look no further. Guaranteed to make the enemies wish they wore a helmet.

4: Cerebral Bore (Turok 2: Seeds of Evil)

The Cerebral Bore, it does exactly what its name implies. The nasty piece of alien technology fires a small drill-piece complete with hooks to latch on to an enemy’s head. Once it has found home on some poor unsuspecting dinosaur’s skull it drills down, deep into the brain, and forces all manner of brain matter through its small intrusion. As if having your brain turned to rice pudding wasn’t enough, it also detonates, blowing apart whatever remained of your enemies head.  

3: Zero-Point Energy Field Manipulator or Gravity Gun (Half-Life 2)

It takes its title from the codename for the bomb dropped on Nagasaki, Japan during World War II. Whilst most armoured foes can withstand a direct blast from the Fat Man, it will almost certainly cripple them preventing an effective counter-attack being launched.


If you like your weapons to come with a blatant disregard for safety and the environment then look no further. In a world which has been ravaged by nuclear war and left baron by the resulting radiation, what are a couple more tactical nukes?

The Fat Man is a crude and unashamedly destructive weapon. In fact you’ll be lucky to fire it without crippling half your own limbs, or worse. But the scale of the Fallout 3 world makes the Fat Man just about possible.


For those of you unfamiliar with the mechanics of the Fat Man it basically lobs a small nuclear bomb a worryingly short distance in front of you and brings a world of pain to any nearby enemies. The gun is effectively a mortar and can be used with a surprisingly decent amount of precision. 

2: Fat Man (Fallout 3)

01: Lancer (Gears of War)