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Here you will find some of our greatest, but maybe not the longest, rants about everything from the Spectrum 48K to Dark Horse's lastest epic!

By KingofMetal79, Jul 27 2011 01:59PM

Like many a film franchise before it, recent years have seen video games given the comic book treatment. As you are all aware Hollywood (or any of its global counterparts) up to now has been unable to create a faithful and enjoyable, live action, cinematic version of a game (Street Fighter with Kylie is one of the worst films I have ever seen and in stark contrast to the Manga interpretation). However with some film royalty sniffing around some large game franchises I’m sure it is only a matter of time that some of the uber rich, wondrous universes of games such as Uncharted (formerly David O'Russell), Mass Effect (Legendary Pictures), Bioshock (Gore Verbinski was initially attached), Halo (Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson & Neill Blomkamp involvement), Dead Space (confirmed but no recent news) e.t.c. get the cinematic translation that they deserve. However with just an ink pot and good idea some of the aforementioned game franchises have already successfully been expanded into printed form.

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