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Luke has arrived! This scene represents the first appearance (in the Original Trilogy) of a young Jedi reaching their prime. The last time we saw Luke he was aboard a medical frigate minus a hand and licking his wounds following a beat down dished out to him by his "more machine now than man" Dad. After waiting 3 years for Return of the Jedi to be released no-one knew if Luke had followed the teachings of Yoda or succumbed to the dark side and teamed up with Vader to "rule the galaxy as father and son". With one long distance, sun drenched shot of a cloaked Luke entering entering Jabbas palace and promptly choking two Gamorian Guards, the memories of a floppy haired, whiny, teenage Skywalker were instantly erased.

4th March 2012 KingofMetal79

Star Wars Header

Lukes Entrance into Jabba's Palace

Episode 5 - The Return of the Jedi

Death Star Trench Run

Episode 4 - A New Hope

Uptil this point the most epic battle scenes were found in the likes of Spartacus or Ben Hur or recycled dog-fight footage from WW2 (which Lucas actually used as a blue print for this scene) which had been shoe horned into various Battle of Britain movies. Nothing like this in Sci-Fi (or any other genre) had ever been attempted before and very few have matched it since. Epic and ground breaking in equal measures - still looks amazing today

Obi Wan Kenobi/Anakin Lightsabre Fight

Episode 6 - Revenge of the Sith

Obi Wan vs Anakin

The confrontation everyone had been waiting for since Ob-Wan muttered the words "I knew your father from the Clone Wars". Finally 30 years of nerd dreaming was visualised on screen. While Hayden Christianson is dire in the prequels even he can't destroy the epicness of this action sequence. The moment when they both try to force throw each other is genius!

Cantina and the Appearnce of Solo/Chewie

Episode 4 - A New Hope

A magical scene that shows the wonderfully diverse and colourful universe that Lucas had created. A bussling, exotic bar that is both familiar and extremely foreign in equal measures. It also signals the appearance of the Star Wars universes greatest pairing - Han & Chewie. Great dialogue, great characters, great scene and that awesome Cantina music! Hail to Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes!

Luke entering Jabbas palace Prev