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The game sees you fight as free-running foot soldier "pilots" who can command agile, mech-style exoskeletons — "Titans" — to complete team-based objectives. The game is set on derelict and war-torn colonies at the Frontier fringe of space exploration as either the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC) or the Militia.

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13th January 2015 KingofMetal79

4) Titanfall (Xbox One)

Titanfall Cover

The game is a first person, online multiplayer shooter. The gameplay harks back to a simpler era when arena shooters (a la of Quake and Unreal Tournament) ruled the roost.


I have been a fan of first person shooters since the days of Goldeneye (N64) and Rise of the Triads (PC) back in the 90’s. However, while I still have love for the genre today I feel that the FPS has been flogged to death in recent years and a week doesn’t seem to pass by without some first person shooter being released. Each successive game seems to inundate the player with more stats, more guns and more ways to modify your appearance. These ‘bells and whistles’ are all well and good but when the core gameplay seems stale and generic these things are, in my opinion, redundant. In particular the FPS worlds two multiplatform ‘big hitters’, Call of Duty and Battlefield, have spent years adding in

app support, deeper customisation options, reams of stats, clan support infrastructure, more weapons, bigger maps etc etc but with hardly any innovation to the core gameplay. Then Respawn turn up to the party with their manic breath of fresh air….

Titanfall SS1

Titanfall is an amazing, stripped back, arena style shooter that borrows just as much from the games of yesteryear as it does any recent Battlefield or Call of Duty.


One of Titanfall’s greatest strengths is its accessibility. While the likes of Battlefield panders to the die-hards with its steep learning curve and wealth of options, Respawn’s new IP simply requires you to choose one of 10 primary weapons, press start and blast anything in sight. Its insistence on having a certain number of AI controlled team mates means everyone will pick up a few kills and the automated drop of a personal Titan every 2 minutes means you don’t have to chain together a lengthy kill streak to experience an awesome power up/perk.

Titanfall SS2

Before its release I was a bit concerned by the lack of a traditional single player campaign and the seemingly lack of depth to the player customisation and weapon selection. However, after just a few games the gameplay and ebb and flow of each match felt so spot-on and balanced that all of the controversial(?) decisions Respawn made during development were fully justified as they had produced an incredibly addictive, accessible and massively fun game.


On its release this was, in this reviewer's eyes, the first genuine 'must buy' 8th generation game.

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