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The first of a 10 issue maxi-series written by New York Times bestselling novelist Chuck Palahniuk (author of the original novel), illustrated by Eisner Award winning artist Cameron Stewart and coloured by award winning Dave Stewart finally hits comic stores at the end of May. One of the most anticipated comics of the year reintroduces the readers to the sociopath, Tyler Durden, who first appeared in the novel Fight Club in 1996 and then the subsequent film 3 years later.


Set 10 years after the events of the film, we find Tyler Durden/The Narrator – now called Sebastian – settled down and married to Marla with his former anarchic tendencies kept at bay by a cocktail of anti-psychotics. Marla on the other hand, albeit mother to a 9 year old child, still frequents support groups while dreaming of her chaotic formative years as the sidekick and muse to Project Mayhem’s insane founder.  


The book wastes no time in reintroducing all 3 (or is that 2?) of the main protagonists and re-establishing the comparatively sedate existence the characters inhabit following the removal of Tyler from their lives. While Sebastian desperately attempts to forget the chaos of Project Mayhem there are still fragments of his former life that haunt him on a daily basis. Marla’s lust for excitement and the desire to reunite with Tyler Durden appears to be the driving force for this sequel. The inaugural issue simply reconnects us with the cast and sets the stage for the fateful reappearance of Tyler.


Cameron Stuart’s crisp, clean art brings energy to Sebastian and Marla’s mundane lives, while Stewart’s washed out palette choice wonderfully emphasizes their dreary existence. Now the main players have been introduced it will be exciting to see the artistic team have a go at interpreting the inevitably more surreal moments the story should offer.


A slow, yet intriguing start to what should be an exciting comic experience that can hopefully recapture the anarchic, surreal tone of its predecessor.




Story – 8.5

Art - 8

Writer:  Chuck Palahniuk

Art: Cameron Stewart

Colour: Dave Stewart

Cover: David Mack

Published: 27th May 2015

Publisher: Dark Horse

Price: £2.80 ($3.99)

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