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Eurogamer 2011: Thoughts, Hands-Ons & Over-View

4th October 2011 KingofMetal79

uncharted 3(cont...)

Also worth a mention were the very cool and varied melee kills. The two new ones witnessed that afternoon were a slo-mo uppercut where the enemy let go of his gun in mid-air only for Drake to catch it and blast the flying opponent. The second involved Drake pulling the pins out of the grenades an enemy was carrying around their waist. Drake then pushed the enemy backward and a few seconds later the opponent blew up. Cool! The level witnessed was the basis for the multiplayer map played across the land at various expo’s and game shows in recent weeks – including Eurogamer.

ratchet and Clank: all 4 one

This for me was the surprise of the weekend. While I love the Ratchet & Clank franchise I feared that this new entry would be a backward step from the rather excellent Crack in Time. I walked past the R&C booth several times over the weekend but initially did not take the time to part-take in Insomniac's new Multi-player take on now classic PS franchise. However during a rather lengthy wait for a go on Uncharted 3, me, my girlfriend and a friend decided to take a punt... and I must say I really enjoyed it. Following the selection of one of two available levels (in the demo) we were greeted by a character selection screen (where players can choose from Ratchet, Clank, Dr Nefarious and Qwark) that was reminiscent of some personal arcade multiplayer fav’s such as Turtles in Time, Gauntlet and X-Men. Once the game started proper it had all the amazing weapons we have come to know and love from the series as well as the humour and enemies. With its fixed camera and all players on the same screen it reminded me of the Lego games. While the screen was quite crowded with 3 players playing I felt it created an air of chaos and hecticness that was enjoyable. There were also many sections where we had to work together using switches, launch guns and toe lines to progress. These sections reminded me a lot of the Co-Op areas in Little Big Planet. Over all the game was a lot of fun and the R&C universe lent itself well to multiplayer and made me think why it hasn’t been tried before, especially considering the game has always featured 2 protagonists!


IMAG0113 (424x640) IMAG0119 (383x640)

This games predecessor, Arkham Asylum, was one of the great surprise hits of this gen. For me the reason it was a winner was that it was the first decent Batman game in eons, it had a great comic book look with some classic characters having a great visual reboot and also sublime combat. While the demo I played wasn’t overly long I did get to play as Catwoman and Batman. The Catwoman segment was some classic Selena Kyle style thievery and the Batman segment involved us attempting to rescue Catwoman from the clutches of Two-Face. While I knew the demo was timed I attempted to digest as much of the story and gameplay as possible in the short time I had. In my attempt to free Catwoman I had to glide down from a rooftop and dispatch several guards before assaulting the make shift court room Two Face had erected to try Catwoman. While atop one of Gotham’s many tall buildings it was easy to see that RockSteady has really ‘gone to town’ with regards to realising DC’s (arguably) most famous city. You really could feel the grimy, crime ridden, streets around you and it felt more like Tim Burtons vision rather than Nolan’s. If only a fraction of the city I could see in the distance is playable it will be a belter and even better than the critically acclaimed Arkham Asylum.

IMAG0116 (640x384)

retro arcade

In between the waiting, my girlfriend and I chilled out in the Retro Arcade. This year this area seemed considerably larger and contained some old school classics covering pretty every platform from the last 35 years. Included in the zone was everything from the Atari Lynx and Gameboy to Vic 20’s and Amiga’s via the Atari 2600. There were also table top arcade machines/games (They even had Scramble by Grandstand) and classic two-seater fighters (this is where I spent most of my time – it reminded me of being 15 again where I would bunk off school, go to the local arcade, play SF 2 and smoke cigarettes. Life was so much simpler back then! ) It was a lot of fun having a blast on some of the games from my childhood and also interesting to see how far games have come it a very short period of time.

Grandstand Scramble