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Best Boss Fights Ever

During a recent discussion with some friends the topic of end of level bosses arose. Loving a geeky chat, it got me thinking hard and I thought I’d take it to the next level, jotting them down. Putting these into order and deciding upon the greatest boss fight of all time is a  tad too challenging, so my list in no particular order of favourite boss fights is as follows…..

Final Fantasy VII - Sephiroth


Ok, so to start I just need to say FFVII is awesome…..When I played FFVII I was engrossed, never before had a game gripped and absorbed me in such a way. The story, the characters, the music, the feel, everything was just perfect so when it gets to the final show down with the games final boss, Sephiroth, it can’t fail to impress. The music ‘One Winged Angel’ upped the battle to an epic level and the satisfaction of taking him down and finishing the game, left me feeling more than a little emotional….

FFVII Sephiroth



The more time goes on the more my memory fails me, so trying to recall bosses from era’s passed has proved a struggle for me. The one game that sticks in my mind though is Wonderboy and for me, was the earliest game I remember where a level ended in a boss fight. Very basic, simple but effective, throwing hammers at a monsters head until it floats off, to be replaced with a different head to throw hammers at, at the end of the next level! I think this may have been the very early turning point for me and my growing love of a damn good boss battle!


Resident Evil 4 - El Gigante


One thing that made Resident Evil 4 one of the greatest games of the time was the superb atmosphere that Capcom created. It was absorbing and terrifying at the same time and just when you think your heart won’t be able to take any more, you are greeted by El Gigante. After smashing out his enclosure and killing a few villagers for effect, he turns his attentions on you and he’s not a happy bunny. A great example of environments being used in battles, with trees being swung at you and boulders thrown, it all adds to the fun of the kill which feels very satisfying when you take him down.

RE4 El Gigante

Shadow of the Colossus – Gaiusby


If you haven’t played Shadow of the Colossus, then all I can say is SHAME ON YOU! If you have then you will understand why a boss fight from SOTC simply has to feature in the list. Seeing as it is a game made up of boss after boss it was just a matter of picking which was my favourite and after not a lot of deliberation, I went with Gaiusby, Colossus number 3. I can’t recall a boss fight with something of such magnitude, which coupled with breath taking graphics, creates more of an experience than a game. Taking down this monstrous foe (or in fact any of the foes) really was something that leaves a lasting impression. Bring on the HD re-release! Ohhhhhh Yeah!!!

SotC Gaiusby

Kingdom Hearts 2 – Sephiroth


Ok so I’ve got a little soft spot for Sephiroth, but KH2 is one of my favourite games and the Sephiroth battle was too epic to ignore! I remember stumbling upon him and getting a little excited (being a huge FFVII fan) at the prospect of taking him down. I took a couple of deeps breaths and went for it pulling out every move/combo I could muster.  2 seconds later I was dead and Sephiroth was on full health….. So it became my mission to take this mother down. He is a side boss so you don’t have to fight him, but if you decide it’s a good idea you better be prepared to put in some serious ‘levelling up’ hours. Once you’re done though, you get treated to an awesome cut scene featuring your favourite characters from FFVII and a key blade much resembling Clouds famous broadsword……God bless Square Enix

KH2 Sephiroth

28th May 2011 Djembs