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God of War 3 – Poseidon


Anyone who has read my review of God of War 3 will know that the opening fight with Poseidon is possibly the best scene from a game I have played. I did it a good 5 or 6 times, grabbing whoever was visiting at the time and insisting they watch it, regardless of their view on gaming. My Nan wasn’t overly impressed but everyone else agreed it was as entertaining to watch as it was to control! I loved the fact that the game opens with a boss fight and on the back of Titans scaling mount Olympus, it really does not get much better than this. That scene rivals a lot of films I have seen for sheer enjoyment and it ends in the only way that Kratos knows, with the total obliteration of the enemy!

GoW 3 Poseidon

Devil May Cry – The Phantom


Dante is one of the coolest chaps around. He’s an uber hard, cocky half demon, equipped with a sword and pistols that never seem to run out of ammo. He takes centre stage in the original Devil May Cry and hacks his way through an endless string of enemies and some great bosses. One stick out boss for me was The Phantom - a giant spider with lava flowing through him and a taste for half demon blood. Dante being the legend he is doesn’t even flinch at the sight of The Phantom instead getting out his big (*ahem*) weapon for an awesome fight that comes just at the right time to test what you have learnt so far and being challenging enough to leave you satisfied.  

DMC The Phantom

Batman Arkham Asylum – Scarecrow


Bit of a different kind of boss fight for you here, but a boss fight nonetheless. You find yourself skulking around in the shadows to avoid the giant scarecrow's gaze. It involves a lot of biding your time as well as blasting him with light whenever you get the chance. Atmospheric and tense, it deserves a place in the list.

AA The Scarecrow

Parasite Eve 2 – Final Boss


Parasite Eve 2 was a sequel to a game that was never released in the UK, but purchased through a love of (at the time) Square Soft. This was a challenging game but the final boss fight in Parasite Eve 2 was brutal. Like the early Resi' games, if you get to the boss lacking energy, ammo etc. you will struggle to get by. I fought this boss numerous times before taking it down but as I love a challenging boss, it has to feature in my list.

Castlevania – Titan


There are numerous boss fights in Castlevania, each of which have their merits, but just again for the grand scale of things I have gone for the initial Titan battle. Ok, so it’s not the most original fight in the game, seeing as they have ripped the concept from Shadow of the Colossus, but with a few reaction commands thrown in, you once again have an awesome fight. With game play mixed in with cut scenes the fight really does deliver on all levels and sets the bar high for the rest of the game.  

28th May 2011 Djembs

Castlevania Titan 1 Prev

Best Boss Fights Ever